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Versa-Matic parts

Air valve kit (TE2-CMK-OE-TF-MB)

Descripción Air valve kit (TE2-CMK-OE-TF-MB)
Thinqk No. TE2-CMK-OE-TF-MB
OEM Versa-Matic
Peso 0.000 kg
--1 X TP24-102 Shaft
--1 X TP24-104 Pilot Shaft
--2 X TP24-105 Bushing
--5 X TP24-106 Spacer
--6 X TP24-107 O-Ring
--2 X TP24-108 Nut
--2 X T360.V001.465 Gasket
--1 X TP24-202 Gasket
--2 X TP24-205 Gasket
--1 X TP24-210 Gasket
--2 X TP24-403 O-Ring
--2 X TP24-501 Washer
--1 X TP34-214 Spool
--4 X TV239 Small Clamp Set
--1 X TVTM-6 Muffler

--Works with the following pumps:
--E2 / 2''
--U2 / 2''

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